10 reasons to study in the US

1. It’s a huge career boost

Top quality education

The high-quality of education in the US is recognized globally. Names such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and other Ivy League institutions are famous worldwide and synonymous with the highest level of intellectual rigor. But even outside the celebrity-status universities, the overall quality of education is exemplary.

Study with the best

The US attracts the most renowned scholars and professors and has high academic standards, which means that even if you’re not studying at the most well-known university, you’re receiving a top-class education.

Global possibilities

Your US education is held in high esteem by the best employers and educational institutions around the globe. Your degree in the US shows to employers worldwide that you have the key intellectual and social attributes to add serious value to their company. So wherever you plan to establish your career, you can be assured your study in the US will have major impact.

A career in the US?

There is an array of opportunities to stay in the US after your studies, as US companies increasingly look to hire skilled international employees, particularly in engineering and IT, who can communicate and conduct business across different cultures. If living in the US is a goal of yours, undertaking your studies in the US is a smart step in that direction.

2. Gain practical experience

High quality research

US higher education institutions set the global pace in terms of research and innovation. The standard of clinical and practical research in the US is second to none, and applying your classroom learning directly in the lab or workshop makes your education come to life.

Make a difference

A research role involves collaborating with your fellow students and educators to positively impact the research environment in your field. In the US, Masters and Ph.D. candidates are often given research grants, providing you with a stipend so you don’t have to stress about money and can focus on your education.

Hands-on experience

As an international student in the US, you can work up to 20 hours on campus during your first year and can apply to work off-campus after that. Many students invest their time in internships and placements, gaining university credit by working at a company in a relevant field. This is an exceptional opportunity to translate theoretical learning into hands-on, real-world experience!

The best opportunities

With its vast resources and strong employment market, there are ample options for practical training in the US. Most colleges and universities have established affiliations with employers and researchers – in fact, many even require you to obtain practical training in order to graduate. As a hub for so many leading companies, firms, and organizations, the US offers opportunities you won’t find anywhere else to put your newly-learned skills into practice.

3. Delve into diversity

Diversity of options

With over 4,500 higher education institutions, there is a perfect fit for every student in the US: huge, sprawling colleges that feel like cities down to intimate campuses in rural settings. Thanks to the sheer size of the US, you can study in an incredibly varied range of locations, from Honolulu to Boston, and Santa Barbara to downtown New York. Whether you choose to study at a prestigious university, a regional college, or a liberal arts college, there is an institution and course that is ideal for you.

Diversity of students

Like the country itself, the US education system benefits from variety – your classes will consist of students of all ages, backgrounds, religions, and countries of origin. This means you will feel at home, with other people from a similar background around you, but also benefit from a rich learning environment which encourages cross-cultural understanding and networking: awesome assets in the global market!

4. Academic flexibility

Broad-based education

With the broad-based education program available in the US, you’ll have the opportunity to study a wider variety of topics rather than fixating on one tiny niche, particularly if you’re undertaking a Bachelor’s degree.

Express yourself

Classroom settings are informal, and learning is stimulated through interaction, conversation, and debate. So studying in the US gives you crucial life skills such as argumentation and open-mindedness, which are directly applicable to whatever career path you choose.

Choose your own adventure

Courses offered by US institutions are exceptionally flexible. For example, you might start out at a college, then move on to a nationally ranked university. In a Bachelor’s program, you can choose your own major, rather than having it dictated to you as is the case in many other countries.

A bespoke education

You are also entitled to choose ‘electives’ in addition to the core subjects, or even make your course interdisciplinary. This versatility enables you to focus on your strengths and interests, and work towards your career goals.

5. Unique US campus life

Something for everyone

Campus life is an essential element of your US educational experience. There are endless opportunities for you to pursue sports, or join academic, cultural and special interest clubs. US colleges pride themselves on their sense of community, reflected in the abundance of hoodies, t-shirts and the famous varsity jackets worn by proud students and alumni alike!

Cool living arrangements

Many US institutions offer a variety of housing options and services on the university grounds. One popular option is to live on campus in residence halls or dormitories. Students usually share rooms and walk or bike to class, making this a great forum for making new friends.

Campus activities

Share healthy meals that meet your cultural and dietary needs with classmates at campus cafeterias, cheer on your college teams at their home games, participate in activities like debates and theatre groups, explore your hometown or state (or beyond!) together with new friends. Campus life in the US forms a seriously enriching part of your education.

6. Perfect your English

Up your language skills

The dynamic, multicultural environment and emphasis on communication and interaction makes the US the ideal place to perfect your English. Even as a native speaker, you will sharpen your communication skills and improve your self-expression in and outside the classroom.

Communicate like an expert

Your coursework and class time, together with extra-curricular and social activities, will provide an ideal chance for you to hone your language skills, which forms a huge plus when you’re looking to impress prospective employers.

Proficiency tests

If English is not your first language, you’ll need to pass an English proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL to study in the US – exact requirements depend on the institution itself.

7. Excellent support for international students

A smooth landing

As an international student in the US, you are not alone – in fact, the US is the most popular higher education destination in the world, with more than 1 million international students enrolled. Aware of the importance of international students to their community and culture, US educational institutions go to great lengths to make your transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Belong to a community

Orientations, workshops, language courses, and training specific to the course you are following will ensure you feel like a valued part of the student body. There are also clubs you can join to maintain a connection with your own culture and language.

Feel right at home

Strong emphasis is placed on campus safety, as well as cultural and religious freedom, so you can feel comfortable and safe in your new home environment. And both on and off campus, Americans are notoriously friendly and welcoming. You can expect a warm, genuine “how are you today?” even at the supermarket checkout.

8. The best technology and business schools

A modern learning environment

The US has long been a global leader in innovation and today it’s at the forefront in terms of use of technology in the classroom. As the way information is delivered and shared evolves, US universities are leaders in keeping up with the rapidly changing possibilities.

The latest resources

By giving students more access to web-based classes, utilizing computer-based tests, and allowing students to use different labs and resources, you’ll find that US universities are able to give you a seriously modern classroom (and out of classroom!) experience. This is the country of Silicon Valley, after all.

The best in the business

The US consistently tops the list of best business schools in the world – with good reason. Schools such as Wharton, Kellogg, and MIT, in addition to Ivy League institutions, offer superb MBA programs with exceptionally high graduate success rates. US schools attract the highest caliber of both staff and students, and completing an MBA in the US will set you up for a lucrative, successful career.

9. Great scholarship opportunities

Academic scholarships

Scholarships are much more common in the US than in most other countries, and there are numerous scholarships available to international students. Many websites, including services provided by the US Department of State and the Institute of International Education, enable you to research thoroughly which scholarships apply to you. And finding and applying for scholarships is free, so you have nothing to lose!

Go direct

If you are interested in a particular college, take a look at their website, as most have scholarship programs specifically for international students – including the top tier Ivy League universities.

Athletic scholarships

For generations, US colleges have offered scholarships to athletes who play on college teams, most famously baseball, basketball and American football. The situation in the US is unique: teams are professionally managed and serve as valuable publicity for the university. College athletes adhere to a strict practice schedule and represent the university in competition. If they show exceptional talent, they may even be recruited to the national league after graduation!

Cheer on your team

Scholarships are only awarded to outstanding athletes, helping them finance their studies or even their entire stay in the US. So if you’re a proven, talented athlete, it’s definitely worth looking into. If not, make sure to go along and enjoy the great atmosphere at your team’s home games!

10. Live the dream!

Let freedom reign

Looking to enrich your study experience with culture and lifestyle? Then the US is the perfect destination for you. The United States of America was founded on the fundamental principles of freedom and equality, and is an incredibly interesting and rewarding place to live and learn. You will study alongside students from all over the country, as well as around the world, and experience firsthand the freedom and positivity of the US.

Amazing opportunities

Even if you’ve never been before, the US feels delightfully familiar because of its central role in popular culture: Hollywood films, iconic TV shows and every music genre imaginable. Not to mention US landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to the Hollywood sign above Los Angeles. Walk the streets of New York, visit Venice Beach, or hike in the Grand Canyon – these experiences await you when you study in the US!

Choosing your school

The US is an amazing place to live and study, with incredible cities as well as immense natural beauty. It’s worth taking non-curricular aspects into account when deciding which US college to study at. For example, are you keen to spend your free time surfing at Californian beaches, or skiing on Colorado slopes? Are you the type for a city that never sleeps, or would you prefer to experience life in a quintessential, small American country town?

Your US experience awaits

Whatever your preference, undertaking your study in the US gives you the chance to discover the history and culture of one of the planet’s most diverse and fascinating countries. Enriching your career and your life, studying in the US is a decision you won’t regret.

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