International Bachelor Pathway

Our International Bachelor Pathways Program allows international students to start studies in their home country, save money and earn transfer credit towards their Bachelor Degree Program. Students can complete up to 1 year of their Bachelor Degree online before finishing their studies at one of our top global university partners.

Cost-effective choice

A cost-effective and innovative pathway to accelerate postgraduate programs enabling international students to earn credits recognized by universities around the world even before students leave their home country.

Study in your home country

Students can save a significant amount of time and money by taking online classes in their home country while working on their application process.

Normal International Bachelor Pathway

BSchool International Bachelor Pathway

Program highlights

Students can begin studies in their International Bachelor Pathway Program prior to applying or receiving acceptance to their destination college or university.

Universities receive a pre-qualified student who has proven themselves and has completed recognized credits.

Courses are recognized for transfer credit and guaranteed to be accepted by participating international universities.

Earn a maximum of 50% credits to top global MBA programs and course delivery is online and problem-based in the workplace.

Benefits to students

Significant Cost Savings

Tuition is up to 28% cheaper than a normal Bachelor program, a significant saving for a Bachelor Degree program. As an online student, you can study from where you already live. This eliminates the average $10,000 per year in housing/living costs that most traditional college students have to pay. Add in the tuition savings, students can potentially save over $30,000 (varies by university and city) with the International Bachelor Pathway Program.

Significant Time Savings

Courses can be completed while a student is still at home. This allows them to start in the second semester or third semester of their degree program depending on the pathway program they choose.

Online Faculty Support

Students will have online guidance and support as they navigate and solve problems and complete projects in their workplace. This creates a real value add for the student and their employer. The course can be completed in a classroom environment with our program partners.

How does the International Bachelor Pathway Program work?


Students who meet application requirements, have an interest in studying for a Bachelor Degree at a top international University, and have completed a high school certificate or have relevant work experience, are eligible to apply to the International Bachelor Pathway Program. See the specific program for more details.

Gain credit towards your Bachelor Degree

This program allows students to complete up to 1 year of real credit towards a University Bachelor Degree completely online while they work in their home country.

Lower Cost

The International Bachelor Pathway Program costs significantly less than if students completed the first year of their degree abroad and it also allows students to forego living expenses abroad.

Study online

Students who choose not to pursue moving overseas to complete their degree have the option of choosing from several online Bachelor programs to complete their Bachelor degree while living in their home countries.



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