Perhaps you are an international student and do not yet meet the specific program entry requirements of your chosen undergraduate degree?

You might need some extra support and preparation before being accepted. Fortunately, many universities offer foundation or accelerator programs which provide a route to acceptance in bachelor’s degree programs at top global universities.

Become proficient in English

Typically, you first need to demonstrate proficiency in English language and a certain level of academic performance to be accepted into these foundation studies. Once admitted, these foundation programs will further build your confidence, language, literacy, writing, numeracy and study skills, and will prepare you for university-style teaching via the delivery of content through lectures and tutorials.

Choose your delivery

These pre-university foundation programs provide the ideal preparation for university and pathway to success, equipping you with the learning skills required at university and beyond. They are often delivered in a standard, accelerated or extended format, enabling you to pick exactly the program type which best meets your individual needs.

Select your bachelor’s degree then select pathway program

Typically, universities partner with specific educational institutions which offer these foundation programs, so it is a good idea to figure out first which bachelor’s degree you would like to pursue before selecting your foundation study course. Several of them guarantee direct admission to particular university courses, provided you meet the entry requirements. Some, but not all, of them also offer you the chance to save time and money by gaining credits to your chosen undergraduate course. It is important to remember that most university courses have limited places and impose specific admission criteria.

Pathway programs help you transition to a new life

In addition to the language and academic skills you will acquire, following a pathway program also provides a good introduction to your new country, helping you to acclimatize, make friends and ease the transition to your new life.

Pathways available

Choose the pathway for you

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